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Rookie ILB Donald Butler Injured, Out for Season?

The injury bug had to bite the Chargers eventually, didn't it? I guess the bright side is that it's biting early and at positions of depth.

From NC Time's Scott Bair:

ILB Donald Butler injured his Achilles tendon Tuesday and is out for an extended period, if not the season. Updates to follow.

From SDUT's Kevin Acee:

RT @SoCalBoltz: @sdutChargers Butler update would be greatly appreciated. >I have nothing specific yet. But I hear he's out for a while--ka

Butler was carted off the practice field yesterday after injuring his Achilles.

This news is somewhat disappointing, but by no means disastrous. Butler was a long-shot to start for the Chargers in 2010, and the team has a handful of fringe players at that position (like Darry Beckwith) that could contribute while Butler recovers.

It's tough news for the kid, for sure, but it's not the end of the world for him or the team. Let's hope for the best, a fast recovery and maybe even a chance to get on the field later in the season.