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Putting the Paddle Away: Come On Out, Lurkers

From time to time, I like to share statistics about BFTB because....well, because I'm proud of the site and where it's come from. I'm proud of the writers we have (and have had) and the community that has been built here. You know what I'm most excited about though? What's still to come.

This is fittin' to be the most exciting time/season yet for BFTB, as evidenced by our stats:

July 2009: 41,079 visits
August 2009: 51,425 visits
September 2009: 100,831 visits

July 2010: 68,159 visits
August 2010: 150,000 visits, projected (15,000 visits in the first 3 days)
September 2010: A billion visits, probably.

You see where I'm going? By September, this little blog is going to be rocking, and if you're around now you should probably take this opportunity (while things are semi-quiet) to join and become a part of the conversation. Here's another troubling stat, for me anyways:

Current BFTB Members: 2,241
Unique Visitors on 8/3/2010: 4,321

In just one day the amount of people that came to BFTB nearly doubled our entire membership, so I know you lurkers are out there. You're reading this and rubbing your chin and thinking "Hmmmm.....I don't know." Well, know this: It's a lot more fun in the pool than out of it, and as the traffic grows and the games come around, the Open Threads and the comments sections are going to turn into a full-fledge party.

Some more reasons to join:


So click here and join, then introduce yourself in the comments below. Feel free to ask any questions you might have, we're more than willing to help.