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Get In Line: Site News & New Features

Whole bunch of stuff going on around BFTB lately, and not all of it has been highlighted. Let me take a minute to point out what's going on in case you're new or missed anything.


We're All About Facebook! Seriously, Facebook is all over us and we're all over it. Have you ever visited the BFTB Facebook Page? You should. As a matter of fact, you should become a fan of the page and then start commenting on the wall because there are no rules there. Say whatever you want. Hit on one of of our fine female readers, versa if you're a lady or if your preference goes the other way. Either way, it's a part of there.

Also, have you tried clicking the Facebook "Like" button at the button of our posts? I've been doing it quite a bit to share good stories and FanPosts with my friends on Facebook, because even I have friends that are big Chargers fans but don't actively read or participate at BFTB. This way they get informed of the particularly good stories and FanPosts, and it's been a great way to get a few of my friends more involved with BFTB. Think of it as a way to "Rec" a post to more than just the BFTB community.

Bolts from the Blue Mailbag

The BFTB Mailbag! It's totally awesome (probably)! A couple weeks ago I added the little widget to the left-side of the home page to allow you guys to anonymously ask me question about the Chargers. Why did I do this? Because, considering the high volume of e-mails I get with random Chargers questions ("Do you think they might cut Volek since Naanee can play QB?"), I figured there was a demand for it. It would make all the questions organizable for me and then I could answer them every few days like Acee does.

Well, so far I've gotten stupid questions ("When are we switching to the 4-3?"), advertisements ("Do you think Ryan Mathews will win ROY like THIS LINK says?") and trolls ("Why doesn't anybody realize that Norv Turner sucks and Philip Rivers is a crybaby?"). I'm very close to just writing this thing off, but figured I'd bring it to the attention of the real BFTB readers and see if the quality/quantity improves.

If it gets better, I'll find a better way to integrate into the site. For now, either fill out the box on the left-side of the home page or click this link (which also has some of my answers).

Bolts from the Blue Hotline

The BFTB Hotline = That New Hotness Time for some brutal honesty. I have two cell phones. One is my personal phone that I carry around with me everywhere. One is a phone I almost never use that sits at home and occasionally has a message waiting for me when I get home. The BFTB Hotline (760-515-2382) has always gone to the "stay at home" phone, meaning the closest you got to me was leaving me a voicemail or trading txts with me. Today that changes. As of like 5 minutes ago, the BFTB hotline now goes directly to my personal phone. It's like you're in my pocket wherever I go!

The thing won't ring while I'm asleep (so don't bother trying), and if I'm at work (yes, I have a real job) I probably won't pick up a phone call. Other than that, have at it kids. If you text me a good question though, don't be surprised if I write you back and tell you to put it in the mailbag question box. That way we can share the wealth of my awesome knowledge.

Bolts from the Blue Podcast

You have been listening to the BFTB Podcast, haven't you? Haven't you?! I take suggestions, calls, questions and anything else to try and entertain you kids with my Chargers-related rants for 60 minutes each week. Some weeks, there will be other voices too! You really should see what you've been missing.

Chargers Fan Confidence Poll

In case you didn't notice it this morning, there is not a little poll in the upper-left portion of the home page that allows you to vote on where your confidence in the team is currently. I believe these votes will be tallied every Monday & Tuesday, and then they'll be tracked from week to week with a handy line graph. If you haven't voted already, get on that. Let's show the world that we're not afraid!

Lurkers/Questions/Quiet Members

As I like to do from time to time, the comments below are being opened up to new members, members that rarely comment and any questions you regulars have for me and the rest of the BFTB staff. Introduce yourself before BFTB becomes "too cool for school" in a couple of weeks. You know it's going to happen.