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Chargers Training Camp: Jonny Dub Takes Pictures


Today I took in my first visit to Training Camp. I tell you what, this city is fired up and fans are flocking to camp. I’ve never had to park so far away. I walked for 17 minutes. And coincidentally for the most part I was just a few feet behind Obviousman. Not until he walked in the front door of the Charger Facilities did I realize it was him. I continued around through the gate with the rest of the little people.

I think the thing I love the most about training camp is the hitting.  It's awesome to be down there so close to the action, to hear those pads

Here are some pics I took:

Finding_my_seat__our_man_at_work_mediumOur man at work.


Rivers_off_to_mathews_mediumPhilip Rivers to Ryan Mathews.


Castillo_hangin__with_the_boys_mediumLuis Castillo hangin with the Boys.


Rivers_with_hops_mediumRivers with mad hops.


Rivers looks pretty sharp.I can’t say the same about the other QB’s… best part of practice was when Billy Volek missed yet another snap. Coach (I think Norv) blows the whistle "F*ck Billy, enough already" or something along those lines.

Can’t wait to read John’s Interviews.