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OT: San Diego Chargers at New Orleans Saints, PRESEASON FURY

Cherish this game, people, because next Thursday's game will resemble a pee-wee football matchup and then we have to wait for the following Monday to see some actual hitting from the Chargers.

Tonight should be fun. Everyone be nice to Drew Brees, as he was always nice to us. Hope for a good showing and no injuries.

Have fun in the comments below. I'll be around every so often to pop my head in and make sure a riot hasn't broken out. Podcast will be sometime this weekend, but I haven't really decided which day. Probably Saturday. Maybe.

Here are the players scheduled to miss the game tonight.

San Diego
TE/FB Richie Brockel
OLB Shawne Merriman
C Scott Mruczkowski
OT Nick Richmond
OLB Jyles Tucker
DT-DE Ryon Bingham

New Orleans
S Darren Sharper
FB Heath Evans
LB Stanley Arnoux
LB Clint Ingram
TE Jimmy Graham