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Cowboys at Chargers: Rookies' Night!

Historically the 2nd and 4th preseason NFL games are the absolute worst to watch on television. You're lucky if the starters play to the end of the first quarter, so it's spent not-so-much caring about the game but rather with your scouting hat on trying to guess which guys are playing good and which ones aren't while the TV cameras cut-away to a shot of Philip Rivers on the sideline blowing his nose.

That being said, HOLYCRAPTHERESFOOTBALLONTVAGAIN! I know I'm excited and, since I'm one of those people that loves to pretend to have a scout's eye, I'm going to enjoy watching the rookies and "semi-rookes" getting lots of field time. Here's the guys I have my eye on:

  • Darrell Stuckey for obvious reasons. He's not starting tonight, but I think two two reasons for that are motivation and to get him more time on the field. He doesn't need a big game, but it could help him a lot if he had one.
  • Curtis Brinkley, a semi-rookie, is going to get his shot to leap over Shawnbrey McNeal and Marcus Mason on the RB depth chart. It'd be a great story if he could.
  • Jonathan Crompton is going to get a ton of time on the field. That's always exciting. Can he stay cool under pressure this week?
  • Brandon Lang is obviously going to be under a big spotlight. He's very intriguing for a number of reasons, the biggest being that he's an UDFA with through-the-roof potential. Just imagine if he managed to get the backup spot behind Shaun Phillips and looked like a fantastic OLB all season? That would change the dynamic of the Shawne Merriman situation next offseason at least a little bit.
  • Jeremy Williams vs. Seyi Ajirotutu. This is the best battle on the team right now.
  • CBD. Semi-rookie?

So go get your jersey on and crack open a cold one. I'll (probably?) be around tonight at 10pm Pacific with the BFTB Post Game Show to discuss all of the above and more.