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BFTB Podcast Returns, Tonight!

Norv's excited for the return of the podcast.  (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
Norv's excited for the return of the podcast. (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Tonight at 7pm Pacific, which is about two and a half hours from right now, I'll be starting the BFTB Podcast back up. You can listen along in the player on the right side the home page, or follow along on the show page.

I have set up a number of fantastic guests to join me on the podcast throughout this season, but unfortunately (due to scheduling) I'll be all alone tonight. That means that in addition to breaking down the Chargers/Bears game and talking about what I liked/disliked while catching most of the practices over the last two weeks, I'll be taking questions from you, the listeners. There are several ways to get your questions to me...

  • Post them in the comments below this post. I was going to do the BTR chatroom thing again this season, but that thing was a mess last year. Let's just keep it where everyone is comfortable. Open up two tabs (or windows), one for listening and one on this page. Post questions/comments accordingly. Any questions asked pre-show will be answered during the show as well, so go ahead and post them now if you want.
  • Send me an instant message via AOL Instant Messenger (johnmgennaro) or Gchat/Gtalk/Gmail (boltsfromtheblue).
  • Give me a call and get "on the air". The call-in number to get on the show is (347) 327-9679.

One more piece of site news. The left-side of the home page (above the "Chargers on Twitter" thing) now has a "Mailbag" form for you to fill out with your random Chargers questions. Yes, I'm blatantly copying Acee, who cares? I'll answer the questions sporadically in a post on BFTB, but these questions will not be answered/addressed during the podcast.

To recap, questions for the podcast in the comments below or sent/called-in during the show. Questions in general, for now or later or whenever, go through the Mailbag form.

See you at 7pm, kids.