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Game Thread: Bears at Chargers, FOOTBALL'S BACK!

For those of you who weren't around last season or perhaps forgot how it works around here, this little community of Chargers fans enjoys watching the games together....virtually. The way in which we accomplish that is in what we call "Open Threads", or "Game Threads", or "Game Day Open Threads" (depending on my mood).

In a nutshell, the comments section below is an ongoing conversation during the game. Imagine you're sitting on a couch with a couple hundred of your closest friends. When you see something you like, or dislike, or just want to root your team on (or say something funny) it with a comment. If someone else says something and you want to respond, do it using the "Reply" function.

It's really more fun to participate in than try and explain, so consider tonight a test-run. Turn the game on by watching it online (there's ways, but I'm not allowed to talk about them) or listening on the radio, then comment along below. If you're one of those patient types that is willing to wait for the tape-delayed game to come on local TV, I'm sure a handful of people will chat with you in the comments section as well.

By the way, there will be game previews on Friday each week starting next week (Thursday for the 49ers game). I just thought it was a little silly trying to do it for a Week 1 preseason game (when absolutely nothing at all is known).