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San Diego Chargers Training Camp in Photos

Time to get caught up in training camp fever, and a big part of that is seeing how these guys look on the field and in pads. A whole boatload of photos from the first few days of training camp after the jump.



Mr. Antonio Gates has himself a shiny new contract and can go back to focusing on his job, as the best Tight End in football.


El Capitan, Philip Rivers, looks over his team and tries to grow his hair faster.


I love Norv's "proud papa" face (it's a real smirk poorly hidden by a fake scowl). This picture has got me buying into all of his talk about how great he thinks this team is, even without Vincent Jackson and Marcus McNeill.


Perhaps this is what Norv was looking at in the picture above.


"You see how I just caught this fly without even looking at it? A man who can catch a fly without looking can accomplish anything."


"I said I wanted something heavy, not something a little girl in her Sunday dress could get through."


"So what do you do when you're in the shower? Wear a shower cap? Can you get them wet, or does that like totally screw them up?"


All photos courtesy of AP Photo, Denis Poroy and Gregory Bull.