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Serious Business: 7/9 Chargers Links

NFL Videos: The LeBron effect
Could the NFL ever see the same sort of hoopla surrounding the NBA's top free agent?

A Closer Look: Traye Simmons - Christopher Smith
Undrafted cornerback adjusts to status as a longshot with a role on special teams but maintains a healthy stash of confidence.

A Closer Look: Ernest Smith - Christopher Smith
Katrina ruined his senior season in New Orleans and scarred him emotionally. But Smith used the tragedy to secure a scholarship he’s turned into an NFL audition.

A Closer Look: Donald Strickland - Christopher Smith
Veteran cornerback is a versatile option on the field and an entrepreneur off it.

Madden NFL 11 Ratings (Madden 2011) - Rob Zepeda
In terms of the San Diego Chargers player ratings, here is the full roster: