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Serious Business: 7/5 Chargers Links

Vincent Jackson poses a tricky dilemma for Chargers - Tim Sullivan
Vincent Jackson is like a prime piece of real estate with termite issues. Much as you value the view, you need to be careful about the commitment.

A Closer Look: Cort Johnson - Christopher Smith
The Division II punter got no interest from the NFL after college, but that didn’t deter him. One year later, he’s punted his way into the locker room.

A Closer Look: Ryan Otterson - Christopher Smith
Migrating OT spends rehab absorbing the playbook and probing for an advantage he can pair with his undersized frame.

What Should The Chargers Do With Vincent Jackson? - Rob Zepeda
The Chargers are facing a difficult challenge as they prepare to play the 2010 regular season without their star receiver Vincent Jackson.

Chargers Week In Review 6/27-7/2 - 619 Sports
Craig and Chris take on the key topics for the San Diego Chargers over the past week: