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Chargers by the (Jersey) Numbers: #66

Richard Brown, LB

Jeromey Clary, T

Carey Clayton, C

Fred Cole, G

Kevin Gogan, OL

Jim Mills, G

Reggie Nelson, G

Cory Raymer, C

Rick Redman, LB-P

Dan Rosado, G

Rich Umphrey, G


The death of Don Coryell comes at a key time in the Golden Jersey series.  For the next few numbers, we remember that those teams weren’t just about the skill players.  Back in the Air Coryell days, even the tackles got out in front on sweeps.

The Winner


Billy Shields, T

Billy Shields was nicknamed "Billy Beast."  Okay, that was my nickname for him, but it was fitting.  No more of those OLineman who were 6’3" 250.  Shields was 6’8", and he topped the scale at over 270 pounds!  And it was a thick 270.


Shields was part of the legendary 1975 draft, and the third Golden Jersey winner (so far) from that draft.  He played 9 seasons with the Bolts, and was asked to do a lot of things, including protecting one of the most valuable blind sides in the NFL, block downfield for well-designed screens, and pose for an iconic picture while helping a future Hall of Famer off the field.



It might not have been a pose, per se, but the picture is as much a tribute to Shields and his survival skills, and to his hard-earned Golden Jersey.