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Chargers Sign Antonio Gates to a Five-Year Contract Extension

Well, it appears the Chargers are not butting heads with all their players.  News has come out saying the Chargers have reached an agreement with Antonio Gates on a five-year contract extension.  The team will pay the star Tight End $7.235 million per year, with $20.4 million in guaranteed money.

Gates's current contract was set to expire at the end of this season.  This new deal not only ensures Gates will be a Charger for a long time still (through the 2015 season), but it also makes Gates the highest-paid Tight End in the league.

The Chargers had indicated that they wanted to get a deal with Gates in place before focusing on reaching an agreement with Left Tackle Marcus McNeill.  With a deal out of the way, this may open the door for McNeill and the Chargers to enter into talks.