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Bolt–Load of Links: 7/28 Chargers Links

  • Slow dance with Mathews |
    Another first-round pick signed this morning -- New England's Devin McCourty, the 27th pick. Not quite close enough to No.12 for it to matter to the Chargers and Ryan Mathews. McCourty and Dez Bryant, selected 24th by the Dallas Cowboys, are the only first-rounders to have signed, as the dance of the first-round picks drags on between teams and players.
  • Refresher Course |
    Young players get jump on training camp this week to give them the best chance to compete when the vets return July 30.
  • Video: Kevin Acee's Training Camp Report: July 27 |
    Norv talks about the young players, Kevin discusses the fate of the D-line, but Annie gives you a glimpse into the most important facet of Training Camp thus far: Philip Rivers's hair.
  • Observations from Day Two |
    Not a whole lot looks as it will once Friday comes or the season starts. But one thing that is as close as it's going to get while rookies and select veterans are the only ones practicing is kickoff coverage.