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Post Full of Links: 7/27 Chargers Links

  • Coaches plot ways to maximize Castillo’s pass-rushing ability (w/ Video) |
    Chargers coaches have some ideas to help defensive end Luis Castillo be more productive, including using their other defensive line personnel in ways that might allow Castillo to do what he does best.
  • Ready to emerge |
    If Legedu Naanee were a public company, all the insiders would be urging investors to buy. The fourth-year receiver seems poised to start the year with a bigger role in the offense.
  • Stuck on Stuckey |
    Character counts for rookie safety, a prominent figure in defensive plans
  • NFL pre-camp previews: AFC West | FOX Sports
    Forget holdouts Marcus McNeill and Vincent Jackson for a moment. Is rookie Ryan Mathews ready to be Mr. Everything in Year One?
  • Back to football |
    Start the countdown. Nineteen days before their first preseason game, the Chargers entered training camp full of optimism.
  • Chargers open camp practices |
    After closing nearly all of training camp last year to the public due to construction at their Murphy Canyon facility, the Chargers will welcome fans back to Chargers Park in August for nine practices.
  • Chainsaw: In the Sports World (7/27) | 619Sports
    Dallas Cowboys rookie receiver Dez Bryant refused to carry the pads for veteran Roy Williams during training camp. This Ryan Leaf-style refusal to honor a harmless ritual will only invite harsher hazing. Bad move, Dez. Now, if Bryant was ordered to carry pads for a WNBA player; that would be different (admittedly, I’ve run a few of those errands for the wife).
  • Interview With Donny Moore, Madden 11 Player Ratings Czar | SportsGrid
    Donny Moore has one of the coolest jobs on the planet. As one of Madden 11’s developers, he is essentially in charge of compiling ratings for the game’s 2000+ players. Lately, the annual release of the ratings has become an event unto itself, and the increased attention has led to more pressure on Moore to get things right.
  • Expanded Season Revenue: The NFL's Real Math Problem | Residual Prolixity
    This question is an important one because, if the regular season is expanded, the players would see a reasonable increase in their real workload, one for which they would expect to be compensated. The first blush answer is that they'd be getting 19 paychecks instead of 17. As former Buccaneers defensive end Steve White pointed out, though, this is nonsense: the 19 paychecks instead of 17 is an accounting fiction. A similar argument would be if you went from being paid once a month to twice a month: you'd be getting more checks, but the same amount of money. The only way the players get more money if they're paid 19 times instead of 17 times is if the two additional games actually make more money. So, do they?