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Hell Awaits: The New BFTB

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Hello, my lovelies. With training camp mere hours away, it's time for a shakeup here at BFTB. With my first season as King under my belt, I have a better idea of what I want out of this blog/community and I'm going to do whatever it takes to lead us down that path. This is not a job for a weak-hearted, and some bridges will be burned....but that's okay. You can't make an omelette without cracking open some eggs.

After the rules, new faces, new positions and general "I will not budge on this" statements from me that I'll probably end up budging on within 24 hours. Enjoy.

First Order of Business - Tryouts!

As much as I appreciate the work all of the BFTB writers over the past year, we're starting over.....mostly. I'm looking for fresh faces/voices/perspectives. I'm also looking to have two distinct sets of writers, the "FanPost Writers" that post whatever they want whenever they want and build a little bit of a following on their own (as has happened at many other SBN football communities) and the "Front Page Writers" that post consistently/constantly and with a recurring theme.

There are plusses and minuses to being on each team. One team can be yelled at by me, the other cannot. One team can put whatever they want on the front page, the other has to earn it. One team has to be slightly more professional, and careful of what they say about the team/players/management, and the other doesn't. So, it's kindof privilege vs. freedom and the choice is yours.

As of today, BFTB has a new "staff". I'll be here, of course. Creanium will be taking over for Richard on the daily links and will be promoted to Assistant Editor (and if you think this has anything to do with this, you're absolutely right). Wonko will be around to play the role of GM ("cutting" players, making trades, scouting the college ranks). That's it. Anyone else who wants in on the official "staff" will have to earn their spot (even if they had one before). Oh, and Richard will still be around to post whatever he wants whenever he wants on the front page and ban your ass into oblivion if you piss him off. If you want a similar position, since it is pretty cushy, you need to provide me with video evidence proving that Kevin Acee (or someone of similar expertise) respects your opinions on football. to earn a spot? Obviously, if you want to be a FanPost Writer you just have to write FanPosts. Good ones get moved to the FP and rec'd. If you aspire for something more professional, and yearn to have your name on the masthead at the bottom of the site, get creative. You could write a great FanPost and then e-mail me to let me know that you'd like a spot on the staff. You could send me an e-mail directing me to a number of good articles you've written other places. You could call the BFTB hotline and whispers sweet nothings to me until I give in (Gorditoe's preferred method). There is no one set way to get a job. There are jobs, if you want one....convince me to give it to you. Blackmail is not preferred.


Second Order of Business - Earn the Green

As of right this second, the number of recommendations needed to turn your comments green has been bumped from 3 up to 5. While this is a reflection on the increase in traffic in the last year, it's also me telling you to step your game up. If you're trying to be funny, be extra funny. If you're trying to make a smart point, be extra smart.


Third Order of Business - Suspensions

Last year, if you misbehaved we only had two options to punish you: Warning and Banning. Warning meant you simply had to read whatever the admin angrily wrote at you ("I'm not even upset, just disappointed...") and click a button saying that you agreed to behave better. Banning meant you were gone forever....usually. This year, I feel like having more fun with the gray area in between and will be temporarily banning people that piss me off but deserve a second chance.

Insult me without good reason? That'll get you a couple days. Suggest the Chargers switch to the 4-3? You'll end up on the sidelines for at least a day....unless it turns out that the Chargers are switching to the 4-3. Act stupid in any way? You won't be commenting for a little while. Simple as that. Everything will be decided on a case-by-case basis by me, and will probably be swayed by my personal life and how well the Chargers are playing. Yeah, that's unfair, and no....I don't care.


Fourth Order of Business - Less Business

Find yourself some time and familiarize yourself with the wonderful Gaslamp Ball Wiki. Within minutes you should be laughing hysterically and wanting desperately to join in on the inside jokes/games. Since I've spent more time at GLB this offseason than last, I've been totally swayed into thinking that BFTB should be 50% business and 50% fun. The open threads are more fun that way. The comments section of stories and FanPosts are more light-hearted and less heated. In a nutshell: More of this, less of this.

If you don't like being funny, that's fine. There will still be a place for you and this should serve only as a heads up that I'm going to allow myself to be sillier in this space and you shouldn't be alarmed.


Fifth Order of Business - More Face Time

I could argue that this offseason has been more dramatic for me, personally, than it has been for the entire Chargers organization. I move from Philadelphia back to San Diego. I got a divorce (save your "sorry" comments, it's all good). I moved into a condo that allows me to see the Chargers potential downtown stadium site when I wake up in the morning. Here's how this affects you:

I will be more available and visible. I will be at Chargers home games (I don't know how many), there will be planned and unplanned BFTB meetups, and I will hopefully get more than a handful of face-to-face time with your favorite Chargers players and coaches starting now and going all the way through the season. This will be run as a Chargers blog/community that's based in San Diego, surrounded by fans and radio shows and late-night run-ins, than one run from across the country and in the heart of Eagles Country. It's going to be more fun this way, I promise.


Sixth Order of Business - More Business

This post is not covering everything that's coming up. BFTB will have much more access and be much more involved this season. The podcast will be weekly, fun, probably involve lots of alcohol and will be joined by many a special guest. I'll be back at training camp this season, and will probably return with more stories of my awkwardness around naked men. In summary, this is the beginning....changes are coming. There's no need to worry, just hold on. Things will be better on the other side.