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Chargers by the (Jersey) Numbers: #69

Monte Bennett, DE

Ben Bordelon, T

Ed Ellis, T

Joe Goebel, C

Darrel Gofourth, G

Tyronne Green, G

Curtis Jones, G

John Lee, DT


Huh??  Maybe it’s the stigma of wearing the number 69 (tee hee).  Or maybe it’s just utter coincidence that the guys who wore the number in Chargers’ history stunk.  Well, in case any of them are reading this, not "stunk," per se.  Just… weren’t able to parlay their natural talent, hard work ethic and prep and collegiate success into a quality NFL career – due to circumstances beyond their control, of course.

Party-Crashing Winner


Ira Gordon, T

Yeah, I agree – who??  But in keeping with the committee’s dictum of awarding a Golden Jersey for each number – no matter what – the lesser of the evils goes to Gordon.  Gordon played on some bad teams and had to endure coaches like Harland Svare (a name more suited for a junior college tennis coach).


But Gordon primarily gets it because of longevity (6 seasons), exclusivity (only NFL team – the Chargers), and the competition (lack thereof).  In fact, Gordon was the only one of the 69ers to be even considered a regular starter for at least one season.  Mr. Gordon, take your place next to Mr. Fouts, Tomlinson, Seau, et al.  This jersey’s for you!