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Chargers by the (Jersey) Numbers: #68

Bob Briggs, DE

Joe Cocozzo, G

Don Estes, G

Orlando Ferrante, G

Gary Kowalski, T

Lloyd McCoy, G

Elliot Silvers, T

Brian Vertefeuille, G

Greg Wojcik, DT

Finally, some competition. So much so, that I’ll let you guys decide. Please carefully review each candidate’s material before voting.


Candidate #1

Kris Dielman, G

I personally think Dielman is a bit overrated. I think his reputation as a nasty mauler (read, "dirty player") makes him stick out in other players’ minds, so he gets selected to Pro Bowls. But if he was such a mauler, why don’t we see more things like "pancake blocks" and "holes for running backs to run through?"

But even detractors such as me cannot deny the fact that Dielman has been a solid contributor for a team that has excelled for a number of years, especially on the offensive side of the ball. It’s also hard to deny that the team’s recent success coincides with Dielman’s presence on the team.


Candidate #2

Leroy Jones, DE

Jones wasn’t as "flashy" as the other members of the Chargers’ DLine of the Coryell years – that is, if you can call Louie Kelcher "flashy." Let’s put it this way. Jones wasn’t as "sexy," he didn’t get the "pub," his "marketing team didn’t work as hard." Whatever the reason, Jones was the forgotten member of a pretty imposing foursome, but just as much a contributor to that team’s defensive success as anyone. While "defensive success" might sound like an oxymoron when talking about the Coryell Chargers, keep in mind that 1980 team led the league in sacks (although individual statistics don’t seem to be available).

What your vote boils down to is who do you think was or is more of a contributor to an era’s success?