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Chargers by the (Jersey) Numbers: #67

  • Kevin Breedlove,G/T 
  • Stan Brock, T 
  • Roman Fortin, C 
  • Leo Goeas, T 
  • Charles Kempinska, G 
  • Archie Matsos, LB 
  • Joe Toledo, OT 
  • Greg Feasel, T 

 The Don Coryell Farewell Appreciation tour rolls on… 

The Winner


Ed White, G

Ed White was the prototypical hard-nosed, in-the-trenches offensive lineman even before he became a Charger – usually something that the Jersey committee frowns upon.  But no one personifies "Charger interior lineman" moreso or better than Ed White.

White was another undersized (by today’s standards) OL – 6’1", 270 – but there was no doubting his talent.  Dan Fouts sums it up best: "When he retired, nobody had played in more games (241) as an offensive lineman than Ed White. They don’t have any statistics for offensive linemen other than Pro Bowls and Super Bowls, and those are things Ed has done. He was one of the most feared offensive linemen in the game. You talk to guys like Howie Long and Matt Millen who had to go against Big Ed.  They hated it." 

Word of advice to future Golden Jersey pursuers: get Dan Fouts to say cool shizzle about you, and you’ll probably win one.