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Serious Business: 6/9 Chargers Links

Aaron Rodgers calls Tony Kornheiser "stupid," "dumb" and "terrible" - Michael David Smith
In an interview with ESPN Radio in Milwaukee, Rodgers went off on Kornheiser and said he was embarrassingly unprepared for his job.

Defensive Drops 2009 - Bill Barnwell
n an article for ESPN Insider last year, I took a look at whether players with prominent reputations as big hitters -- e.g. Ed Reed -- actually induced drops at a unexpectedly-high rate, by using the data from our game charting project.

Sporting News forecasts the AFC West - Bill Williamson - ESPN
San Diego: The Chargers could win 12 games this season, but they will have to get the contract situations with Vincent Jackson, Marcus McNeill and Shawne Merriman figured out. The Chargers can’t win 12 games without these three players.

Chargers bring back Ellison - Bill Williamson - ESPN
The fact that he is back means the team has perhaps softened its stance on the second-year pro. He finished the season as the starter.

Whether the weather - Bill Barnwell - ESPN Insider
Do warm-weather quarterbacks actually play worse in cold weather than their freeze-tempered brethren? Let's crunch the numbers and find out.

Report: Jackson, McNeill ready to sit out - ESPN
And the Union-Tribune, citing sources familiar with the thinking of the players, reported the two were prepared to sit out regular-season games, and perhaps boycott the entire 2010 campaign.