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Serious Business: 6/30 Chargers Links

The perils of drafting RBs early - Bill Barnwell (ESPN Insider)
Analysis of injury data for Round 1-3 guys shows RB picks are not very safe

A Closer Look: Bryan Walters - Christopher Smith
The NFL culture may not scoff at Ivy League smarts, but undrafted WR Bryan Walters would be an exception if he made a career playing football.

Three And Out: June 28, 2010 - Rob Zepeda
The San Diego Chargers released veteran defensive tackle Ian Scott last week, in a move that could signal the team is pleased with the progress of it's young defensive tackles Cam Thomas and Vaughn Martin. Also expected to be in the mix is Ryon Bingham who missed last season with a torn biceps.

Feds Barking Up Wrong Tree Here - Craig Elsten
Pardon me for being less than impressed with the DEA’s flashy maneuver here in America’s Finest City on Tuesday.