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Serious Business: 6/29 Chargers Links

Madden's Newest Stat, "Swagger," is Sponsored
I don't know what meaningful impact this'll have on the game, apart from being kind of hilarious. That'll be the attribute I crank up when I go in and create myself this year - as the kicker. I want to know how low your balls swing in Madden with a 99-rated Old Spice Swagger punter.

Special Monday Morning QB - Eric Winston
With Peter King off, Texans offensive lineman Eric Winston took time away from his offseason to write today's Monday Morning Quarterback column.

Rufio's Playbook: Zone Blocking in the Running Game - Dawgs By Nature
Announcers and TV personalities often do a lot of talking about the zone runs, but rarely ever say much.  This leads to a lot of misconception, mystification, and flat out confusion about the zone runs and what the team is trying to accomplish.

A Closer Look: Nick Richmond - Christopher Smith
Kong-sized offensive tackle needs to refine technique to maximize NFL chance.

Just say no - Christopher Smith
NFL rookies get four-day course on life in the NFL at Carlsbad symposium.