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2010 Bolts From The Blue Fantasy Football League

If you remember, BFTB did a couple of rather large fantasy football leagues last year and this year along with SB Nation we've teamed up with to do one that's a little smaller (more manageable) and to allow you to start your own.

The big difference this year is that it's a paid league. A few SB Nation bloggers have stated that it's one of the few, and maybe the only paid league that's worth it.

Our Redskins blogger: "I've used the last ten years with 12 teams. It by far is the best league out there which is why they charge $. Teams can write mock news articles on the homepage. I'm excited for this. The admin console you can customize ANYTHING imaginable with rules and teams."

The league we're doing is the Fantasy Football Commissioner League.

So this league normally costs $180 but our deal with CBS Sports gets us 50% off. So if you're interested in this league, make sure you use this link to get the 50% off. We'd recommend doing ten teams per league. The total would be $90 so about $9 per person. Plus, we'll be doing regular fantasy football updates/posts each week of the season in regards to Chargers players (who you cannot resist drafting), so this way we'll be speaking the same language.

One person will set up the league and take the hit on the $90 (14-day free trial so you're not committing immediately) then others will join the league. We'll help with any coordination of payouts and/or setting up leagues if you need it. If you join a league and don't pay, you will be subject to public ridicule on BFTB.


Disclosure: is an SB Nation partner and paying sponsor of the SB Nation football communities. This post is one of a series of sponsor endorsed posts related to the Fantasy Football Commissioner League.