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Serious Business: 6/24 Chargers Links

Did the spread really evolve from the single-wing? - Chris Brown
Brian Cook thinks so, but I’m not so sure. The idea that the spread, or, even just Gus Malzahn’s offense in particular, "is a modern-day version of the single wing" is overdone.

Labor issues affecting OTAs - John Clayton
You know GM A.J. Smith would never consider bringing in Owens because of the potential headaches. Crayton isn't the big receiver who seems to fit well in the San Diego offense -- the Chargers like their outside receivers to have great size. It's a shame Jackson and McNeil could hold out long into the regular season. Both players were third alternates to the Pro Bowl and they are part of the core group of this team. The Chargers should still win the AFC West because of Philip Rivers, but their margin of error shrinks with these two players out.

A Closer Look: Marcus Mason - Christopher Smith
Road-weary running back wants to unpack his bags, stay in San Diego.

"On VJ, Ellison and vacation" by Bolts Bulletin
A few things before I drop out of society until mid-July:

City Council Vote: First Step To A Stadium?
What does the City Council vote mean ultimately for the stadium effort?  What is the next step in the process?  What significant challenges remain?  We talk about all of this and more in a must listen for Chargers fans who want to keep their team in town with a new stadium!