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Serious Business: 6/21 Chargers Links

AFC West mailbag - Bill Williamson
I could see a scenario where Jackson eventually gets traded. That would likely only happen if he does hold out into the season and Chargers feel like there would be no chance to repair the relationship. If Jackson does stay away and it gets ugly, this could be a viable option for San Diego. The same goes for left tackle Marcus McNeill, who is also expected to holdout. Both players would likely fetch a lot in a deal but I just can’t see the Chargers trading these two impact players to a divisional rival.

Evening AFC West news and notes - Bill Williamson
In an Insiders piece on , Len Pasquarelli looked at the how Tim Tebow will fit in on Denver’s 45-man roster early in the season. Last week, Denver coach Josh McDaniels said he hasn’t made up his mind yet, but he is leaning toward keeping two quarterbacks active on the game-day 45-man roster.

"Enhanced season" is the latest front in the CBA battle - Mike Florio
The message?  The NFL wants to give us more football that matters, and the union doesn't.  And if that's how the debate is framed, it will be harder and harder for the NFLPA to get the average fan to support its position on more important issues, like the manner in which the revenue pie will be divided.

Shout (Out) At The Devil - Thank You, San Diego Chargers! - T.J. Johnson
As of today, it appears the best case scenario puts Jackson and McNeil on the field in week 11. But so what?  Big deal.  By that time, the damage could have already been done.  The Chargers could be sitting in last place.