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Serious Business: 6/20 Chargers Links

Chargers continue to put the screws to McNeill, Jackson - Mike Florio
In this strangest of NFL offseasons, the San Diego Chargers have been sticking it to left tackle Marcus McNeill and receiver Vincent Jackson in an extremely (in our view) short-sighted way.

Mike Vick is the most hated sports figure, two years running - Mike Florio
The rest of the 2010 top five consists of Raiders owner Al Davis, Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, golfer Tiger Woods, and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

Redskins Trade for Jammal Brown - Doug Farrar
Brown will also have to sign the first- and third-round tender the Saints placed on him, which will ostensibly be the first step to a long-term extension in D.C.

Report: Government probing collusion - Associated Press
The NFL Players Association has been advised that federal authorities are preparing to interview employees in an investigation into whether former union leaders attempted to collude with the NFL, a person familiar with an e-mail sent to union staff has told The Associated Press.

Getting to know A.J. Smith -
But who really knows A.J. Smith? The successful general manager opened up to, giving fans a glimpse inside the man who has built one of the successful franchises in the NFL.