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Serious Business: 6/15 Chargers Links

Ranking the linebackers in the AFC West - Bill Williamson
We are continuing our AFC West position-by-position rankings with the linebackers. It’s a deep, interesting group:

RFA Deadline Is Here - Jeff Williams
As the Chargers and their two most valuable Restricted Free Agents face off in a game of chicken that the team does not plan on losing, you can’t help but wonder what the 2010 season would look like without their starting left tackle and number-one wide receiver.

"VJ, McNeill might have reprieve" by Bolts Bulletin
But whether it's tonight or tomorrow, when they don't sign their contracts, the 2010 salaries for Jackson and McNeill will be lowered and barring negotiation of a long-term deal for one or both in the interim, it is almost certain neither will show up until the bye week in November.

Butler joins practice - Christopher Smith
Third-round draft choice anxious to start work.