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Serious Business: 6/14 Chargers Links

These quotes may end up being costly - Nick Canepa
"Obviously, I’d like to have all our best players playing and happy, not injured. It’s the ultimate, but the ultimate doesn’t usually take place. There’s going to be a debate; Everybody has an opinion of what they would do in this situation. But we’re going to do what’s in the best interest of the San Diego Chargers."

Assigning blame is tricky in Bolts mess - Kevin Acee
Receiver Vincent Jackson and left tackle Marcus McNeill want long-term deals and don’t want to risk injury while waiting for them.

NFL Videos: Coaching Spotlight: Norv Turner
Find out why Norv Turner believes the Chargers' Super Bowl window is still open.

Why Owens doesn't belong in San Diego -Bill Williamson - ESPN
It is obvious the Chargers don’t want Owens and I think that's a good idea. Here are some reasons why I think Owens, 36, wouldn’t work in San Diego even if Jackson stayed away for a long time: