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Serious Business: 6/12 Chargers Links

Mathews tries Wildcat - Christopher Smith
"It’s cool. I ran a little bit of it in college and I ran a lot of it in high school, so I’m used to it," Mathews said. "It’s fun. I think it helps me see the field a little bit more."

No assumptions for defense - Christopher Smith
"It’s the reality of the league. It’s always an open competition for who goes out there and who has the privilege of being able to represent this team, and we treat it that way," Castillo said.

OLBs active during OTAs - Christopher Smith
Tucker, Applewhite healthy and anxious after stints on Reserve-Injured last season.

Optimistic outlook - Christopher Smith
Turner thinks this season’s Chargers could be the best team he’s ever coached.

"Thomas works with starters" by Bolts Bulletin
Thomas' turns had their rough patches (at least three false starts) but he looks healthy and like he can still move adequately at 35. Way too soon to say what the Chargers got in the 12-year veteran.

"Chargers sign WR Reed" by Bolts Bulletin
Two days after sending a message to Marcus McNeill by signing tackle Tra Thomas, the Chargers today sent a similar missive to Vincent Jackson by adding veteran wide receiver Josh Reed