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Serious Business: 6/10 Chargers Links

Big 12 Conference On Life Support - Bill Connelly
Connelly catches you up on college football realignment.

NFLPA ups the lockout ante - Lester Munson - ESPN
This is the most significant public action that DeMaurice Smith has taken since he became the leader of the union, and it demonstrates that the players understand the serious nature of the lockout possibility and are willing to fight the owners on the most significant of issues: money.

NFLPA files challenge to TV deals -
The NFLPA is arguing that the league essentially set up a 2011 lockout protection fund with the structure of its TV deals.

Chargers sign three-time Pro Bowl tackle Thomas -
"Tra is a talented player with a wealth of starting experience," said Chargers General Manager A.J. Smith. "We have held him in high regard for many years. He will be added to the mix as we move forward in preparation for the upcoming season."

"Chargers to sign tackle" by Bolts Bulletin
[Tra Thomas] is likely insurance in the event starting left tackle Marcus McNeill holds out into the season.