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Chargers by the (Jersey) Numbers: #61


Ernie Barnes, OG-OT

Ken Dallafior, G

Al Dennis, G

Jim Fetherston, LB

Eric Floyd, OL

Blenda Gay, DE

Michael Keathley, T

Jack Milks, LB

Ernest Park, G

Pulu Poumele, G

Jimmy Webb, DT


61 is one of those easy ones that doesn’t even require a jump.


The Winner

Nick_hardwick_medium  "I'm going to get another tat -- then I'm gonna go pick up my Golden Jersey."

Nick Hardwick, C 


Has it really only been 5 seasons?  Hardwick is one of those guys who seems like a grizzled veteran.  Maybe it’s the position he plays.  Or maybe it’s all the tats.  Or maybe it’s just because he’s been such a solid presence in the middle of the line ever since he got to the team and assumed the starting center position in ’04 – thanks to someone else’s miscalculated ignorance (see #60).


It’s hard to say how many more years Hardwick will play or if he’ll go to any more Pro Bowls, but as long as he’s here (and not snapping the ball over Rivers’ head) the Chargers will be darn lucky and darn happy to have him.