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Serious Business: 5/8 Chargers Links

Darrell Stuckey’s Ready To Make An Impact
Chargers rookie safety Darrell Stuckey comes to San Diego with a good head on his shoulders.  The Chargers are hoping he’ll be knocking heads as a physical force in their secondary.

Antonio Gates: Moving On Without L.T.
Gates joined 619 Sports today for a 1-on-1 interview to talk about the season that was, the offseason, and what lies ahead.

Kevin Acee's Twitter
Buddy Nix takes scout Darrell Moody from Chargers. Was SE region scout for SD. Will be national scout for Bills.

Kevin Acee's Mailbag
And your logic, like many who seem to be upset by the move, is that the Chargers were going to be able to find two players that were comparable to Mathews. You might be right, but that's not what the Chargers thought. That's how much they love this kid.