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Serious Business: 5/19 Chargers Links

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The San Diego switch: Mathews must only eclipse faded L.T. - Clark Judge - CBS Sportsline
In fact, the way I see it, there's more pressure on Mathews' predecessor to make an impression than there is on Matthews, and, yes, I'm talking about LaDainian Tomlinson.

Breaking down Russell at a new spot - Bill Williamson - ESPN
A report that NFL teams are considering moving JaMarcus Russell from quarterback to another position has caused quite a stir.

Chiefs go north of the border for LB - Bill Williamson - ESPN
The Kansas City Chiefs signed Canadian college star linebacker Cory Greenwood.

Inside the playbook: Cover 3 - Matt Bowen
Today, let’s look at the classic version of the 3-deep, 4-under defense that is played at all levels of football, but still has a home in the NFL: Cover 3. Three defenders split the top of the defense into deep thirds, while the four underneath players take care of the flat, the curl and the middle hook.

New England Patriots release veteran CB Shawn Springs - ESPN Boston
The team hasn't ruled out re-signing the 35-year-old, but for now the sides are going their own ways, a league source told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.