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Serious Business: 5/15 Chargers Links

NFL Videos: Back to the future
What would have happened if the Colts drafted Ryan Leaf or if there wasn't a tuck rule? Find out.

Early AFC West news and notes - Bill Williamson - ESPN
ESPN’s Adam Schefter says Shawne Merriman trade talks are dead, but things can change. Still, I expect Merriman to play in San Diego for one final season.

Former NFL defensive tackle Norman Hand dies at SC home; played 10 seasons
The cause of death has not been determined. The coroner said an autopsy is planned Saturday. He said Hand's family was with him when he died.

Chargers’ ‘Mr. Muscles’ remembered - Don Norcross
Said Petrich: "I’ve known two guys in my life who were beyond-comprehension strong. One was Houston Ridge. The other was George."