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Chargers by the (Jersey) Numbers: #62


Ben Coleman, G 

Brandyn Dombrowski, T

Bernie Erickson, LB

John Farris, G

Bob Hallen, G

Harold Paul, T


Four of the next six numbers harken back to the glory years of Air Coryell and its stellar offensive line that gave Fouts the time to do his thing and the space for Muncie to do his.

The Winner



Don Macek, C-G

14 frickin’ seasons as an offensive lineman in the NFL.  14!  That’s fourteen years of getting beat up, assaulted, and basically mugged on every play.  And all for the same team.  I guess it’s appropriate that it was 14 years because that’s the number of the most important man he ever blocked for.  In fact, Fouts had his hands under Macek’s butt so much, they could have qualified to buy a condo on Fire Island together.  Instead, they’ll have to settle for matching Golden Jerseys.