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Serious Business: 5/12 Chargers Links

Big roles possible for new Chargers - Kevin Acee
On Friday and Saturday, in meetings and truncated practices, the rookies got to know the coaches and vice versa.

FO Interview: Tony Dungy
Pretty interesting interview.

How important is Los Angeles to the NFL? Poll Results by State

Ranking the tight ends in the AFC West - Bill Williamson - ESPN
Gates is one of the best tight ends in football. He helps make San Diego’s offense special. He turns 30 soon, but he is still in his prime. He had a career high 1,157 yards last season. He’s outstanding.

Raiders, Chargers headlines - Bill Williamson - ESPN
It seems like San Diego may get contributions from several rookies. Key players to watch are Ryan Mathews, Cam Thomas, Donald Butler and Darrell Stuckey. This is an interesting time in San Diego.

The Big Question: Mathews for balance? - Bill Williamson - ESP
Expect Mathews to be a big upgrade over the LaDainian Tomlinson of the past two years. Mathews is going to extend some drives, eat clock and -- most important -- take pressure off San Diego’s great passing game.