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Chargers by the (Jersey) Numbers: #60


Dan Audick, G

Bob Babich, LB

Wilbert Brown, G

Greg Engel, C

John Kompara, DT

Ryan McDonald, C

Ed Mitchell, G

Don Reese, DE

Wes Sims, G

Jack Klotz, T


Segueing out of the 50s – Land of the LBs -- and into the 60s – Order of the OL – makes things a little easier, because with OL, I don’t have to bother with a lot of messy statistics.  It’s pretty much, "Hey, this guy played for the team for a lot of years and knocked a lot of guys on their asses."

But first, a unique "special award."

Bonehead Award


Jason_ball_medium  "Dude -- holding out would be career suicide!"

Jason Ball, C

Not at all to be confused with Runner-up which usually goes in this space.

Ball was an Undrafted Free Agent Center out of New Hampshire who joined the team in ’02 and, due to injuries, became the Chargers starter, and much to everyone’s shock and awe, actually excelled.  He was one of those great guys that served to fuel AJ’s legacy of finding gems in the garbage heap.


Again, he played a strong half season in ’03.  But after he spent the second half of that injured, the Chargers figured it was in their best interest to draft a Center.  Enter Nick Hardwick.  For some reason, Ball took offense to this.  Rather than work hard to prove he didn’t need no stinkin’ back-up, Ball figured he could best choose his worth by holding out and demanding more money.  Enter Nick Hardwick again.  Longer than it should have taken him, Ball finally realized that his ploy was utterly laughable.  He came crawling back – as a supporting player rather than a star.  That didn’t suit the petulant baby well, so the Chargers finally discarded the trash and sent him packing.


In fact, Ball’s petulant act didn’t play well anywhere, and he was soon out of football.  He was last seen in Texas running a Bed and Breakfast with Ryan Leaf called Bust and Boom.  Well, at least, that’s what Hacksaw has reported.




Dennis McKnight, G-C

Hey, this guy played for the team for a lot of years and knocked a lot of guys on their asses.