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Serious Business: 4/3 Chargers Links

Offensive Line Continuity Scores - Aaron Schatz - Football Outsiders
In PFP 2007, we introduced OL Continuity Score, a measure of how much each team changes its offensive line starters during the season. I thought people might be interested to see the scores from 2009

Why the Chargers won't be weaker in 2010 - Bill Williamson - ESPN
I don’t think the losses are as devastating as they appear on paper and San Diego will not take a dramatic step backward. With the right moves in the rest of the offseason, I think the Chargers will reaffirm themselves as the top team in the AFC West.

Jets overtake Patriots as the team to hate - Tim Graham - ESPN
Jets find something they're better at than division rival Patriots.

Merriman feels ‘a bit underappreciated’ by Chargers - Simon Samano -
"I don’t think it’s an issue with me and management. I think it’s a situation I’ve been put in, along with 212 other guys," Merriman said.

Ex-Cowboys could fit in AFC West - Bill Williamson - ESPN
I’m not saying Adams and Hamlin are headed to the AFC West, but there are some decent fits.

LT: Chargers passed on run - Associated Press - ESPN
"The things that happened in San Diego, everything was taken away from me," Tomlinson said. "There wasn't an emphasis on running the football anymore, my best fullback was gone, the linemen were pass blocking and it was a passing quarterback and a passing coach. So, the situation's kind of misleading when you look on film."

Chargers begin draft meetings - Jamaal LaFrance -
Chargers Director of College Scouting John Spanos along with the scouting department accumulates more frequent-flyer miles in March than the average person’s lifetime.