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Getting To Know The New Chargers

There's nothing like hearing a person tell their own story to get to know them. The local San Diego radio stations XX 1090 and XTRA Sports 1360 AM have been working hard to interview most of the new players. Here's some links to their recent interviews:

Ryan Mathews on XX 1090 - The Chargers first round draft pick joins Scott & BR the morning after he was selected 12th overall in the 2010 NFL Draft.

Ryan Mathews on XTRA Sports 1360 - The Newest Charger joins Josh and Jeff minutes after being drafted

Donald Butler on XX 1090 - The Chargers third round pick in the 2010 NFL Draft introduces himself to San Diego on The Scott & BR Show.

Donald Butler on XTRA Sports 1360 - The new Linebacker our of Washington joins Josh and Jeff

Darrell Stuckey on XTRA Sports 1360 - The new safety joins Josh and Jeff on XTRASports 1360.

Cam Thomas on XX 1090 - Darren Smith and Chargers 5th round pick Cam Thomas out of UNC discuss his fall to the 5th round, what he has to prove and his phone call from A.J. Smith.

Cam Thomas on XTRA Sports 1360 - The New Defensive tackle joins the program

Jonathan Crompton on XTRA Sports 1360 - The new QB joins the show and talks about being in San Diego

Kion Wilson on XX 1090 - Scott and BR talked with Kion Wilson, who is an undrafted free agent picked up by the Chargers and he told his amazing story of overcoming incredible adversity!


The powers that be with the Chargers have also been making the rounds discussing the draft.

A.J. Smith on XX 1090 - Chargers GM AJ Smith on why Ryan Mathews was so special, why the Chargers didn't go defense in the 1st round, how the new players fit & where the RFA's stand in negotiations.

A.J. Smith on XTRA Sports 1360 - The Chargers GM joins the draft show to talk about day one of the draft

Norv Turner on XX 1090 - Norv Turner met the media & discussed if the Chargers filled all their need positions, what he expects from Cam Thomas & why they didn't need to draft at offensive line.

Norv Turner on XTRA Sports 1360 - Norv joins the Draft show to react to the 1st day of the draft.

Norv Turner on XTRA Sports 1360 - Norv Turner talks about trading up to get Donald Butler

Jimmy Raye and Norv Turner on XX 1090 - Jimmy Raye & Norv Turner discussed why they drafted LB Donald Butler, why they gave up so much & where he'll play.

Jimmy Raye and John Spanos on XX 1090 - Jimmy & John wrapped up the Chargers draft & discussed what they saw in Darrell Stuckey, Cam Thomas, Jonathan Crompton & Dedrick Epps.

John Spanos on XTRA Sports 1360 - John Spanos from the Chargers scouting department discusses day one of the draft.

John Spanos on XTRA Sports 1360 - John Spanos the Director of College scouting gives a draft recap.