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Return of the Mack/BFTB Podcast

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Seems like forever since we've had ourselves a little podcast, doesn't it? Well tonight, with lots of good draft stuff to discuss, we're giving you at least 60 minutes of mindless football blabbering. Tonight's episode features Wonko, who is downloading Football Outsiders statistics to quote as this is being written, and Steve (Grey Suit).

Tonight's topics, broken down BULLET POINT STYLE:

  • Is this the best Chargers draft since 2005?
  • Who are these undrafted free agents?
  • Which 2009 starters could lose their job?
  • Is Josh McDaniels drunk?
  • Who woke Al Davis up?
  • What has John Gennaro been doing with his "offseason"? (Something scandalous, I bet!)

So go ahead, grab a cold one and stay indoors. Tune your internet to here and listen/chat along with us. The fun starts at 6pm Pacific.