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Chargers Draft - Community Grades: Donald Butler

In the 3rd round of the 2010 NFL Draft, the Chargers moves up to get the guy they wanted: Donald Butler, Linebacker from the University of Washington. To get Butler, A.J. Smith and Company swapped 3rd round picks with the San Francisco 49ers and then threw in this year's 4th round pick and next year's 6th rounder to boot.

As I said, after reading the scouting reports the day he was drafted, Donald Butler's ceiling is one that San Diego Chargers fans should be able easily identify with. Donald Butler has the potential to be Donnie Edwards, just add in the fact that the Bolts are getting Butler when he's a rookie and picked up Donnie when he was already 29 years old.

The knocks on Butler are the same as the knocks on DOnnie Edwards during his playing career. He's not going to blow anybody up, he's not going to be able to fight off an offensive lineman that's blocking him, he's probably not going to chase down any RBs from behind.

What he will do is wrap up opposing players in his area, play fantastic defense against the pass and always be one of the "smarter" players on the field. This could end up being a steal of a pick if Butler stays healthy and progresses the way he should. This could end up being the defensive captain in a few years.