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Chargers Draft - Community Grades: Cam Thomas

Perhaps the San Diego Chargers' best value pick, maybe the best value pick of the entire draft, was their 5th round selection of DT Cam Thomas from the University of North Carolina.

The plusses on Thomas are numerous and read similar to the scouting report on first-round, everyone-wants-a-piece-of-him NT B.J. Raji from the 2009 NFL Draft. His technique is good, he stays low to the ground, he's unbelievably strong with a quick first-step.

Cam Thomas bring very little to the table as a pass-rusher. He is not Warren Sapp and isn't Jay Ratliff either. What he very easily could be is a player that demands a double-team at the nose and keeps his linebackers clean to make plays. The Bolts' linebackers have been dying for a guy like this to come along.