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Chargers Draft - Community Grades: Jonathan Crompton

Next up in the community grades is the San Diego Chargers' second selection in the 5th round, Tennessee QB Jonathan Crompton. Crompton has good size, at 6'3" and 222 lbs, and an accurate (but not terribly strong) arm.

Crompton has struggled with inconsistency while at Tennessee. At times he looked like one of the smartest QBs in college, and at others he would throw balls into double- and triple-coverage regularly. Much like Epps, Jonathan will have the opportunity to work with a family of QBs (Philip Rivers, Billy Volek, Norv Turner) that will help him get smarter and be more consistent.

Could this be another Charlie Whitehurst pick? Could a little bit of training, and some good showings in the preseason, eventually yield the Chargers back a good return on their investment? Factor that in as you grade this pick.