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Serious Business: 4/25 Chargers Links

2010 Football Outsiders Draft Poll
Long-time readers know that FO always tracks what the "experts" have to say with our post-draft "Report Card on Draft Report Cards." This year, for the first time, we're also going to collect your thoughts on the draft with this first annual FO Draft Poll. Make your choices, and we'll compile the results and announce them early next week.

Redskins ship Campbell to Raiders - ESPN
The Oakland Raiders, after making a deal that shipped out their leading tackler for the past four years, added a possible starting quarterback Saturday in a deal with the Washington Redskins for Jason Campbell.

AFC West draft analysis - Bill Williamson - ESPN
Chargers general manager A.J. Smith clearly coveted Mathews so he went out and got him. The Chargers think Mathews will be a star and he was well worth the price tag as San Diego moves away from the Tomlinson era.

Read between lines to see Bolts’ message to LT - Tim Sullivan
hile the Chargers have remained deliberately vague and appropriately deferential in discussing Tomlinson’s release, their draft strategy fairly screams of scorn. It was almost as if General Manager A.J. Smith has replied to LT’s blame-dispensing exit interviews with a symbolic gesture that could be loosely translated as: "Well, we’ll just see about that."

Chargers fill needs with final 4 draft picks - Kevin Acee
Not to give too much credence to pre-draft grades by the likes of Mel Kiper, but this is a guy who had a second-round grade. He is extremely strong and will likely be worked into the rotation right away.