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NFL Draft 2010: Day 2 Open Thread

So since I wasn't around for yesterday's very fun open thread, here's my thoughts on the big move the Chargers made:

I like it.  Heading into this draft, I thought there were two guys (C.J. Spiller and Ryan Matthews) that were NFL-ready, and a handful of guys that could be but also could not be.  I get the feeling, A.J. Smith saw the same thing and didn't want to pin the hopes of the team, this year or in the future, on a Toby Gerhart or Ben Tate.  I agree with the move, and in a draft that is heavy on mid-to-late-round talent while being thin on legitimate first-round talent I don't mind at all that we had to give up a 2nd and a 4th to do it.

The clearest argument for what they did is what was left at the 28th pick.  Dan Williams, C.J. Spiller and Ryan Matthews all would've been gone.  They Chargers would've been forced to either reach (Jahvid Best or Terrence Cody) or trade down (which is typically the move of a team that doesn't have 2 very big holes to fill on an otherwise talented roster).  I think the first round went exactly as A.J. Smith expected it to, and I think the team has the RB it wanted all along to improve the running game.


Now, today has the potential to again be very exciting or very boring.  Although there's two rounds, the Chargers only have one pick (#91 overall).  It could turn into a snoozefest while waiting for that pick to come up, or the Chargers could use some of the chips they have (Shawne Merriman, Darren Sproles, etc.) to trade back into the 2nd round to try to fill the holes at NT and SS.  We shall see.  Unlike yesterday, I will be around today and in full participation mode.