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Quick AFC West First Round Recap

Here are a few quick notes to help everyone catch up on what the AFC west did in the first round of the 2010 Draft:

Chiefs:  Selected Eric Berry with the 5th overall pick - I am really not looking forward to seeing Berry twice a year for the next 10 years....

Raiders:  Selected Rolando McClain with the 8th overall pick - Wow the Raiders actually made a reasonable pick this year…quick someone check Al Davis for a pulse!

Chargers:  Selected Ryan Mathews with the 12th overall pick - The Bolts traded the #28 pick, the #40 pick, and Tim Dobbins to get their franchise back.

Broncos:  The Broncos were on the move all day, but in the end they got, Demaryius Thomas, Tim Tebow and the #87 pick for the #11 pick, the #43 Pick and the #114 pick.

Thats it for the first round see ya'll tomorrow!