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Chargers trade up, select RB Ryan Mathews

It was a poorly kept secret, especially for A.J. Smith, that the Chargers liked the Fresno State RB. The Chargers give up their 1st round (28 overall), 2nd round and 4th round picks as well as ILB Tim Dobbins for the #12 overall pick to select Mathews and pick up the Dolphins 4th round pick and 6th round picks.

On the trade value chart the 12th overall pick is worth about 1600 points, the Dolphins 4th round pick, #110 overall, is worth about 206 points and the 6th round pick, #173 overall, 51 points. The Chargers gave up 875 points with their 28th overall pick, 680 with the 40th overall pick and 142 with the 126th overall pick. That's 1857 gained by the Chargers and 1697 given up plus a backup Tim Dobbins who basically becomes worth 160 points in this trade (equivalent to a late 4th rounder).

Mathews left after his Junior year and was a big time producer all three years for the Bull Dogs. His Junior year was his best when he ran for 1808 yards on 276 carries and scored 19 rushing touchdowns. He missed time with injuries each of his three seasons and his biggest knock is his rawness in the passing game. However, he's been regarded as the #2 RB prospect in this draft and can come in and start right away and become a feature back.

Make no mistake, this is a bold move by A.J. Smith and will be talked about for years. Unlike the last few bold draft moves that the Chargers GM has made, this player is expected to come in and produce right away. We should all be excited to see him suit up in the Blue and Gold.