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BFTB First Round Draft Pick Community Poll

It's Draft Day! At 4:30pm Pacific Time, the fun begins. What will the Chargers do? Will they take a running back? Defensive lineman? A (gasp) defensive back? Unlike most other fans, we have a lot of waiting to do, because the Chargers don't pick until # 28, probably somewhere between 8-9pm tonight. But we're not going to let that stop us from having some fun are we?

We're going to find out just what the wisdom of the masses is. Below is a poll with as many guys as I can think of with at least an outside chance at being selected at #28. Choose who you believe will be the Chargers' 2010 first round pick. I've even included options for trading up, and trading down. The poll will close at 4:30pm when the draft starts, so if you want your prediction on record, go ahead and make it quickly! Explain the logic behind your decision in the comments, and after the Chargers make their move we'll know who was right, and who was wrong.

Just to be clear, you should select who you think the pick WILL be, NOT who you WANT the pick to be.