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BFTB Mock Draft League

It's that time of the year, when the hardcore fans start eyeing draft boards and looking at injury recovery times for veterans.  The NFL Draft is the start of the NFL Preseason, for me.  It leads right into mini camps, which leads right into contract negotiations, which leads right into training camp and the actual preseason games.  Tonight marks the beginning of the end for the 2010 NFL offseason.

Tonight, tomorrow night and during the final rounds on Saturday, we'll be running open threads so that you can discuss all of the picks and trades and the annual reach by the Raiders.  Today, however, we're going to continue a tradition that is just one year old.  Last year, with a smaller community, we did a mock draft league and the winner (BFTB's now-GM Wonko) got a $25 gift card to  This year's winner will get to choose from any item in BFTB's store (which is being updated with the new logo and such) to get for free.

Here's how you can get involved with the league:


  1. Go here to either register or sign-in with your username.
  2. Go here to find BFTB's mock draft league, and use the password "chargers" to join.
  3. Think really hard.  Maybe do some research.  Maybe throw those stick-to-glass Nerf darts at the names on your screen.
  4. Make your picks!