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Tales from an Armchair GM (5 Bold Charger Draft Predictions)

Here are 5 quick yet bold Chargers predictions that I have for this years draft.

1.  The Chargers will not Draft a defensive linemen in the first 4 rounds - I know what your thinking... "but Steve you have the Chargers selecting Jared Odrick with the #28 pick in your latest mock draft."  To be honest I made that pick because I thought there was really no one else on the board that warranted a first round pick and filled a position of need for the Chargers.  With 10 D-linemen already on their roster (3 of which they re-signed this offseason) I just don't think the Bolts will looking to burn a high pick on an 11th linemen.

2.  The Chargers will draft Toby Gerhart somewhere in the second round - I don't know why but I just have an odd gut feeling that the Charger will draft Gerhard.  I think the Bolts would love to draft Ryan Mathews but I just don't see him being on the board when they pick at #28.  Gerhart has the potential to be the short yardage back that the Chargers have coveted since Michael Turner left.  In the end I think the Chargers end up trading back into the end of the second round to get Gerhart but to be honest it would not surprise me to see them select him at #40.

3.  The Chargers will draft an O-linemen somewhere in the first two rounds -  With McNeill only signed for one more year, Clary's health still a question mark and Dombrowski still developing, I think the Chargers have to get some kind of insurance policy at the tackle position. 

4.  The Chargers will not trade Darren Sproles - I just don't see a team overpaying (in draft picks) for a 28 year old 3rd down back in a draft as deep as this one.  Also I don't think the bolts want to give up the only running back on their roster that is familiar with their offence and whom they know that can be utilized effectively in the passing game.

5.  The Chargers will not draft a defensive back in the first 4 rounds - I just don't see the Bolts using a high draft pick on a DB after signing both Vasher and Strickland this offseason.  Strickland is an ideal nickelback and Vasher can compete with both Cason and Ellison for their starting jobs.